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Is There a Good and Inexpensive Home Infrared Sauna?

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Is There a Good and Inexpensive Home Infrared Sauna ?


The answer is : It depends.

What does “expensive” means to you ? 2K - 3K - 5K - 8K ?

Generally speaking, Infrared Saunas of the highest quality will have a price tag starting at around 3K for a 1 person model. I would recommend brands such as Clearlight Jacuzzi, Sunlighten or Saunacore.

Why Saunas Below 3000$ might be a risky purchase :

  • Poor wood quality : Thin wood, likely to bend or warp over time, might be glued and therefore release toxic fumes when it heats up

  • Cheap Heaters : Not heating up properly, takes too much time to heat up to desired temperatures, not hot enough therefore takes you too long to sweat.

  • Unsafe Levels Of EMF ratings : EMFs are a type of radiation that are harmful to the human body when exposed to it for too long or at high levels. Although a lot of companies claim to have low EMF make sure to do your own research and choose one that is certified and well recognise by the sauna community as low in EMF ratings.

  • Bad warranty/after sale service : Sometimes paying more upfront for something that lasts you 10–15–20 Years is worth an additional 1–2K. A lot of cheaper saunas come with a shorter warranty or are sold by companies that have not been in business for long. Choosing a top tier manufacturer will guarantee you security should you need parts or service down the line.

Bottomline is this : You can get a very high quality 1 person sauna at 3.5K - 4K.

An Infrared sauna with a solid warranty, a sauna that’s health/therapeutically effective, aesthetically beautiful, easy to use/assemble, move around and that will easily plug straight into a 120V-15amp outlet.

Still too Expensive ? Consider Financing…

At Northern Saunas, we offer 0% Financing for up to 36 Months and you can get monthly payment as low as 99$/month which is convenient if you are looking to get a high quality sauna without having to put a big chunk of money upfront.

This especially important if you really need a sauna for serious health reasons (detoxification, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, lyme disease). That way you’ll be able to reap the health benefits of your sauna now and pay over time.

Hope my answer helped,


Gabriel from Northern Saunas : The Highest Standards In Home Saunas.

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