The Most Robust Commercial Sauna Installations On The Market 

Make your offering stand out from competition, attract new customers, increase retention, maximize your profits & return on investment (ROI) with the most robust, durable, powerful and customizable commercial sauna installations on the market today.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the sauna industry, Northern Saunas is partnering up with the finest manufacturers, architects, engineers, contractors, electricians, wood workers and designers around the world to ensure your sauna project gets created with unparalleled care, attention and ingenuity. 

Whether you plan on building a custom infrared sauna, traditional sauna, steam room or looking to purchase pre-assembled modular units to fit smaller spaces, you can rest assured that our expertise will get your clients & customers the most rewarding sauna experience imaginable. 


Our Partners 


Choosing us as your commercial sauna project manager will ensure : 

  • Exclusive Business Pricing  : Commercial sales allows us to provide premium pricing for our sauna solutions. Our wide network of partners allow us to offer highly competitive rates. Ask our representative about business pricing for more informations.

  • Maximum ROI (Return On Investment)   : The #1 requirement when investing in new equipment to upgrade the quality of your business is that each dollar you’re putting in comes back to you multiple times. Our saunas are a low cost, low maintenance high reward investment that is guaranteed to generate substantial revenues for your business immediately.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Retention    : With the wide-array of health benefits provided by saunas, it is clear that people visiting your facility and witnessing positive effects on their health (increased performance, relaxation, endurance, detoxification and reduced muscle pain) from using your saunas can only become dedicated fans of your business for years to come.

  • Highly Personalized Customer Service  : Taking the time to sit with you, listening and understanding all the details, precisions & subtleties of your project is what truly drives us as a business. When it comes to growing a business, we understand how hard, complex and time-consuming the creative process, the planning and execution can be. This is why we pride ourselves on offering highly personalized customer service BEFORE and AFTER the sale. Doing business with us ensures that you”ll get an unequal level of satisfaction for your sauna project.


How long before my investment pays off ? 

Based on 45 min sessions at 40$ using a Clearlight Sanctuary 1 Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna - Basswood. (Ask us for ROI projections according to your preferred sauna model)


What are the charges associated with electrical use ?

Here’s how to calculate energy costs on our saunas :

Divide the total wattage of any sauna by 1000, e.g., for a Premier IS-5 Infrared Sauna, the draw is 3,290 watts/1000 = 3.29 kwh (kilowatt hours).  

Electricity costs vary across the US but the average US kilowatt per hour cost in 2018 is 13 cents/hour: 13 * 3.29 = 42.77 cents/hour

If you used your Premier IS-5 sauna 8 hours/day, that would be = $3.42/week. But most people use their saunas 3-4/week for 20-40 minutes so this is a generous estimate.

Even in an area with higher electricity costs the cost are insignificant. In September 2018, NYC electricity prices averaged 20.8 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) : 20.8 * 3.29 = 68.4 cents/hour

If you used your IS-5 Premier sauna 8 hours/day, that would = $5.47/week


Our Previous Work 


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