Custom Built Outdoor Saunas

View of an outdoor sauna.

Transform your outdoor space into an oasis of serenity with a custom outdoor sauna made just for you. Redefine your relaxation experience by immersing yourself in a tailor-made private sanctuary designed to align with your preferences. With Northern Saunas, you can explore boundless possibilities to bring your dream sauna to life.

What is a Custom Built Outdoor Saunas?

When standard outdoor saunas don’t meet your specific requirements, custom saunas are the answer. At Northern Saunas, we provide you with the option to create a beautiful sauna designed to suit your needs.

Our custom-built options provide you with the freedom to dictate the sauna's size, layout, and the materials used. In addition, we also offer the flexibility of choosing an outdoor sauna with fixed dimensions for an equally relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Just let us know the interior measurements, where you'd like the door placed, and how you envision the seating arrangement. We'll handle everything else.

What are the Advantages of a Custom Outdoor Sauna?

A tailor-made outdoor sauna is the perfect addition to your backyard, designed to meet its exact specifications and challenges. Whether initiating a new project within a pool house or transforming an existing area, our Custom-Cut Outdoor Saunas guarantee that neither your creative vision nor a distinctive setting will force you to compromise on your custom sauna project.

Our custom sauna services adapt effortlessly to your available space, whether it's a snug corner or an expansive garden retreat. Experience sauna health benefits and unparalleled comfort through personalized seating arrangements, premium wood options, and tailored heating elements. 

Give free rein to your imagination

Whether you're envisioning a sleek, modern design or aiming to infuse rustic charm into your yard with a classical sauna, our customization options empower you to bring your retreat vision to life.

From crafting custom sauna doors to providing an array of panoramic views, we invite you to shape a personalized sauna experience that transcends your journey to relaxation. Create a haven for rejuvenation, uniquely designed to reflect your style and preferences.

Get the durable sauna you've always dreamed of

Choosing thermowood for your custom sauna means investing in a material known for its exceptional stability and moisture resistance, perfect for your outdoor environments.

Constructed from resilient thermowood and using only the finest materials, every detail is customizable to ensure your ultimate comfort.

Personalize your experience by choosing from a range of sauna accessories and sauna heaters. Decide between a WI-Fi-enabled heater, a wood fire sauna, or an electric heater to suit your preferences.

Regardless of your selection, create your ideal traditional sauna retreat right in the serene embrace of your own yard.

View from the interior of an outdoor sauna.

What Dimensions Are Possible for a Custom-built Outdoor Sauna?

The dimensions of your custom-built outdoor sauna are entirely adaptable to the size of your outdoor space and the number of individuals you intend to accommodate.

Whether you envision a cozy two-person retreat or a more expansive sanctuary accommodating up to six people, tailor your custom outdoor sauna to integrate into your available space. As the creators of made-to-measure saunas, we are committed to crafting a Nordic sauna experience that perfectly aligns with your preferences and the unique features of your outdoor space.

How to Create your Custom Outdoor Sauna with Northern Saunas?

If you desire a sauna environment that reflects your individuality, then contact our team of custom sauna experts at Northern Saunas. Rest assured that every detail will be carefully considered to align with your unique vision. Your pathway to a personalized and relaxing sauna experience is just a step away.