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Does Frequent Sauna Use Protects Against Memory Loss?

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Does Frequent Sauna Use Protects Against Memory Loss?


There is quite a lot of data available pointing to how regular sauna use can protect against memory loss and Alzheimer.

One of the most comprehensive study is this one : Sauna bathing is inversely associated with dementia and Alzheimer's disease in middle-aged Finnish men.

In this study, “Researchers at the University of Eastern Finland found a link between sauna visits and memory diseases after following more than 2,300 middle-aged Finnish men for more than 20 years.

"In the study, men who went to the sauna four to seven times a week were found 66 percent less likely to be diagnosed with dementia, and 65 percent less likely with Alzheimer’s disease, than those taking a sauna once a week.” 

Another great piece of content on this matter is this conversation between Rhonda Patrick & Dr Dale Bredesen where they discuss the causes of Alzheimer and ways to prevent it from developing : 

Dr Dale Bredesen & Dr Rhonda Patrick on Preventing & Reversing Alzheimer's Disease 


Dr Bredesen M.D, is a professor of neurology at the Easton Laboratories for Neurodegenerative Disease Research at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dr. Bredesen's laboratory focuses on identifying and understanding basic mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative process and the translation of this knowledge into effective treatments for Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative conditions.

One of his main finding regarding memory degeneration and saunas was that regular sauna bathing is effective to protect against memory loss because toxins that can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease (like cadmium, mercury, and BPA) are excreted through sweat.

Sauna bathing also has tremendous effects on other biological processes such as :

  • Heat Shock Proteins Activation
  • Neurogenesis (Creation of new cells due to heat stress)
  • Stimulates the production of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotropic Factor) which slows down cognitive decline, increases learning abilities and helps with depression.
  • Physical Performance
  • Cardiovascular Functions

          I highly suggest you to check this page on Dr Rhonda Patrick’s website : 

          FoundMyFitness Topic - Sauna where she goes over pretty much every aspects of saunas you can think about. She is also unbiased and very data driven which is good in a world where everyone wants to sell you their stuff.

          Hope my answer helped !


          Gabriel from Northern Saunas : The Highest Standards In Home Saunas.

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