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Can Smartwatches Be Used in the Sauna ?

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Can Smartwatches Be Used in the Sauna ?


I personally asked myself the same question recently and it seems like the short answer is no.

I’m using the sauna almost daily and just got a Fitbit which I use to track sleep, workouts & meditation. I want to track my heart rate during sauna sessions and cold showers post workout but after doing research found the manufacturer does not recommend to bring them in the sauna & steam rooms.

This is pretty much standard across all wrist tracking devices. 

 Smartwatch sauna

Consider Chest Straps

However, it seems like heart rate chest straps could be a viable option to do it. Some of them are resistant to high temperatures up to 190F although they are rare.

As we speak, we’re actually developing/manufacturing a heart rate chest strap specifically made to be used in saunas, should be out by the end of this year or early next year.

In the meantime, you could buy yourself a cheap chest strap on Aliexpress for 20 $ and try to use it in the sauna. You’d have to keep your cellphone right outside the room to make sure it is synced via Bluetooth and transfers your data as those cheap ones probably don’t have an internal memory.

Sauna Chest Strap

If it dies on you at least you will only waste 20$ instead of 100$+ and you’ll have some data on your sauna sessions.


Gabriel from Northern Saunas : The Highest Standards In Home Saunas.


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