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Choose electric Saunum heaters for an unparalleled sauna experience, blending innovative technology, quality materials, and comfort. With a unique air mixing system, this product enhances steam quality and ensures even heat distribution, delivering a luxurious sauna session every time.

Different types of Saunum Sauna Heaters

Explore a variety of Saunum electric sauna heaters in steel colors or black steel bodies tailored to suit your preferred aesthetics and create a satisfying sauna experience. Our team can help you find the best sauna heater for your home to enjoy the ultimate revitalization in a relaxing sauna experience.

Saunum Air

Featuring a climate regulating system and a massive stone capacity, the Saunum Air ensures enduring steam evenly spread throughout the sauna, promising an extraordinary and intense session every time.

Saunum Air L

For commercial spaces, the Saunum Air L is the ultimate solution. Engineered to meet the demands of high-traffic environments, this commercial-grade unit combines robust construction with advanced technology, making it an ideal choice for spas, wellness centers, and other commercial applications.

Benefits of Saunum Heaters over Traditional Saunas Heaters

Experience softer steam for effortless breathing and enhanced water throws, boosting steam yield and air humidity for a more profound sweat. Discover the ultimate residential heater, crafted to heighten your relaxation as you unwind in a home spa experience like no other while enjoying the benefits of sauna sessions.

Air Mixing Technology

Saunum’s patented Air-Blending System ensures an even temperature and enriched oxygen levels, promoting easier breathing. By evenly distributing steam from head to toe, it creates a soft, balanced sauna climate infused with healthy negative salt ions.

Higher Sauna Stones Capacity

Experience longer-lasting steam with Nordic sauna heater stones carefully crafted from high-quality olivine base rocks. The use of ample stones ensures softer, more uniform and enhanced heat distribution, while maintaining a high-heat capacity and creating a luxurious steam experience.

Himalayan Salt Reservoir

Each Saunum heater unit features Himalayan salt balls that release ions into the sauna air, promoting respiratory and skin health. Positioned within the air stream, the Himalayan salt tray ensures even air distribution and efficient dispersion of health benefits throughout the sauna. The Himalayan salt & aroma 

Remote Control

Tailor your personalized sauna profile with Saunum's Wi-Fi control option and save preset settings, including temperature, operating time, and climate device speed. You can also choose a Wi-Fi sauna heater to optimize your sauna ambience and make every session uniquely yours.

Health and Wellness Benefit of Saunum Heaters

With innovative design and advanced technology, our heaters are designed to promote relaxation, detoxification, and overall health.

Balanced Temperature

Saunum heaters deliver the ultimate Finnish sauna session with a flawless blend of heat throughout each session. Their unique design ensures consistent heat balance through an even distribution of heat, preventing uncomfortable hot spots and allowing you to fully unwind in a balanced environment.

Easy to Breathe

Infused with Himalayan salt spheres, Saunum heaters promote respiratory health, refreshing each breath. Plus, you can explore optional aromatherapy features to create an atmosphere that rejuvenates your body and calms your senses, ensuring a truly serene and authentic sauna experience.

Made in Estonia, each Saunum heater is designed to transform your sauna experience into an art of relaxation. Contact Northern Saunas to learn how we can assist you in choosing the perfect sauna and creating your dream sauna at home.