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Hot Tub & Sauna Combo

Transform your home into a wellness haven with our outdoor hot tub and sauna combo. Discover the ideal fusion of relaxation and health benefits as you curate your personal retreat. Immerse yourself in the perfect space, the tranquility and longevity of the moment bringing out a deep and lasting serenity.

What is a Hot Tub and Sauna Combo?

A hot tub and sauna combo lets you bring the full authentic spa experience to your backyard. Integrating a soothing sauna's dry heat with the invigorating properties of our wood fired hot tub offers a holistic approach to relaxation. Choose from a wide variety of modern saunas designed for your maximum comfort.

Whether you prefer beautiful panoramic outdoor saunas or rustic cabin saunas, our diverse models, crafted from thermowood, ensure enduring durability and timeless style.

Why Have both at Home?

This dual setup caters to diverse preferences. It allows you to switch between the warm water's soothing comfort and the dry heat's purifying effects. Enjoy the luxury of having both a sauna and hot tub, ensuring you have the highest level of comfort in your home.

The Advantages of Combining a Hot Tub and Sauna

Pairing a hot tub with a traditional sauna brings together a bunch of perks for your mind and body. On their own, hot tubs and regular saunas provide their own set of health benefits. But, combined, you absorb a range of holistic goodness for mental and physical well-being.

Boosted Health Benefits

While the hot tub's warm water promotes muscle relaxation and stress relief, the sauna's dry heat stimulates circulation and detoxification. Together, each creates a comprehensive wellness experience that rejuvenates the body and enhances overall health.

Elevated Leisure and Entertainment

Our outdoor sauna and hot tub combo provides a versatile and luxurious space for unwinding, socializing, or hosting gatherings. Whether enjoying a soothing soak or a detoxifying sauna session, the combined unit transforms into a hub of relaxation and entertainment for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Space and Cost Efficiency

Effortlessly blending into your lifestyle, our sauna and hot tub combo maximizes space without sacrificing luxury. The cost-effective installation proves practical for those seeking a comprehensive spa experience, ensuring functionality and affordability without compromising space or budget.

Features to Look for in a Hot Tub and Sauna Combo

To create the ultimate authentic spa experience, incorporate various features to customize your home hot tub and sauna combo.

Size and capacity options

Tailor your sauna and hot tub combo to your space and lifestyle thanks to our size and capacity options selection. Whether you want to create a two-person intimate retreat or a space for social gatherings, find the dimensions that match your relaxation aspirations.

Heating systems and temperature controls

Choose from reliable electric heaters, traditional wood-burning stoves, or innovative infrared panels for your ultimate enjoyment. Embrace user-friendly temperature controls that guarantee the perfect balance of warmth, whether you're unwinding in the sauna or indulging in the hot tub.

Additional features

Immerse yourself in the soothing embrace of massage jets within the hot tub, set the ambiance with vibrant RGB lights or WiFi, and invigorate your senses with the revitalizing experience of cold plunge tubs.

Explore Northern Sauna's diverse and wide selection of spa amenities, where your dream sauna experience awaits.