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Saunalife X7 Traditional 4-6 Person Indoor Sauna


Get ready to take your relaxation to the next level with the SaunaLife Model X7 Indoor Sauna! This sauna is not only convenient and efficient, but it also looks stunning with...

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Vendor: Saunalife

Get ready to take your relaxation to the next level with the SaunaLife Model X7 Indoor Sauna! This sauna is not only convenient and efficient, but it also looks stunning with its beautiful aspen wood walls and benches. Plus, you can enjoy the view through the front glass windows and choose which way the clear glass door swings. With all these great features and the premium painted door handle, the SaunaLife Model X6 Indoor Sauna is sure to make you happy and meet all your sauna needs.

Saunalife Indoor Traditional Sauna Cabin

Features :

  • Simple DIY construction
  • Comfortably fits 4-6 people
  • Nordic Spruce cladding
  • Premium Knotless Aspen benches and backrests, Skirting
  • Multi-level seating
  • Full-length upper and lower benches
  • Featuring innovative sauna step for easy upper bench access
  • Heater Guard
  • 60" LED Light Bar System
  • Clear Glass/wooden frame front window walls
  • Clear Glass/wooden frame door
  • Premium wood-metal door handle 
  • Features recessed eave for optional exterior lighting
  • Door opening direction can be changed upon installation
  • Designed and crafted in Estonia
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Dimensions:79.1"W x 62.2"D x 77.6"
  • Product weight : 826.7 lbs
  • Interior Length : 79.1"
  • Interior Width : 62.2
  • Interior Height : 77.6"
  • Exterior Length : 88.1"
  • Exterior Width/Depth : 68.9"
  • Exterior Height : 78.9"
  • Window Dimensions : 18"L x 1.4"D x 66.5"H
  • Window Glass Thickness : 4 mm
  • Door Dimensions : 27"L x 1.4"D x 66.5"H
  • Door Handle Dimensions : 20"L x 1.2"Diameter
  • Door Glass Thickness : 8 mm
  • Glass Style : CLEAR

saunalife sauna diagram

Shipping Information:

  • The weight or packaging of this product requires delivery by special appointment, and on a wooden pallet. The driver is responsible for curbside delivery “only” and will lower the items to ground level. Prior to shipping this product, we contact customers to share shipment details and discuss any extenuating delivery circumstances that may complicate or cause additional delivery expenses. Our goal is to ensure your project's success.

Shipping Dimensions :

  • Shipping Weight : 825 lbs
  • Shipping Length Width : 
  • Shipping Width Depth : 39.37"
  • Shipping Height : 29.53"


Huum Sauna Heater

Sauna Care & User Guide :

  • When using the heater and control unit, please refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer of the sauna heater.
  • Only throw water on the stones and not on the walls or the platform.
  • To keep the platform looking fresh, we advise using seating pads or a towel on the bench. Avoid sitting on the platform in wet swimwear.
  • Keep an eye on the stones as they might break down over time. Replace old stones with new ones or add new stones.
  • Avoid using non-compliant cleaning agents, as disinfectants can bleach the wood surface and cause damage.

After Sauna Use:

  • After using the sauna, be sure to ventilate the room and allow the surfaces to dry.
  • Wipe off the platform with a clean, damp cloth, taking care not to let excess water pool on the wood surface. Do not use a stream of water to wash the platforms.
  • After cleaning the sauna, be sure to ventilate the room and allow surfaces to dry. Remove seating pads from the benches.
  • When the sauna is not in use, the door should remain closed.

Annual Maintenance:

  • Treat the wood in the sauna with a specific cleaning compound designed for saunas.
  • Wash all parts of the platform on all sides with a special cleaning compound designed for saunas, using a soft brush and/or cloth. Follow the directions of the cleaning compound manufacturer.
  • For stronger stains and soiling, gently clean the platform surface using fine-grade sandpaper. Then, re-treat the platform with protectant.

Avoid the Following:

  • Do not dry textiles such as carpets and clothing in the sauna, as this may pose a safety hazard and damage the wood surface.
  • Do not heat the sauna to a temperature beyond the specifications of the heater manufacturer, as excessive heat may warp the wood or pose a safety hazard.
  • Do not pressure wash or use a stream of water to clean the sauna, as excess moisture may permanently damage the wood surface and structures.



There is a $950 USD flat rate shipping charge in the contiguous 48 states ($1,250 USD in Canada) on this product. The weight and size of this crate require truck delivery by special appointment (LTL), on an oversized pallet. You will be contacted to schedule a delivery appointment. The driver is responsible for curbside delivery only and will lower the items to ground level.

Our Scandinavian outdoor saunas, shipped from our Canadian warehouse, are delivered right to your curb. We'll call you when your sauna is ready to ship and then email you the tracking details. The transport company will then contact you to schedule delivery once it reaches their local terminal.

Included with the delivery:

Sauna Crate

You'll receive a crate with the sauna materials. The delivery driver may assist in lowering the crate, but you'll need tools to open it and at least two people to unload the components. This typically takes about 30 - 45 minutes.

Glass Window (if applicable): 

If you've ordered a special glass back, it'll arrive on a separate pallet. We try to synchronize the delivery of both items, but they may come separately. Check and note any missing items on delivery paperwork.

Sauna heater, rocks and controls:

When shipped with your sauna, they will arrive on a separate pallet. If they’re shipped directly from the manufacturer, we'll provide tracking information and coordinate the delivery timing of the heater with your sauna.


Basic sauna accessories will arrive with your sauna. Other items like LED lights or salt panels are shipped separately and may arrive without needing a signature.

Delivery Paperwork:

Before signing, ensure all items listed are received and take photos of the crate/pallets. This helps us assist you if there are missing or damaged items.

* If you're located in a remote area or a place where standard delivery trucks might have difficulty accessing, please inform us. We'll work out a specialized delivery plan for you, though this may require additional shipping charges. *

Please watch this video below for an example of our curbside delivery procedure:

How To Receive Delivery & Unload Our Scandinavian Barrel Sauna (7x8)

We're committed to keeping our prices and inventory levels accurate for you. But hey, we're only human, and occasionally something might slip through the cracks. If you have any questions or spot something amiss, our Sales and Customer Service teams are just a message away. Don't hesitate to contact us for any clarifications or assistance!

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